Monday, 1 August 2011

Another CJ

My new CJ is a real fun one. It's called the Tell me a Story Circle Journal and it's over on UK Scrappers. Each member of the team starts a story and sends their book onto the next person who continues the story. The last person ties up all the loose ends and finishes the story to send back home to it's owner. Obviously the story can't have too complicated a plot because it's just ten pages of book. I am really looking forwards to reading everyones' stories and to see how mine is interperated. I deliberately wrote mine so it could go anywhere really. It is about a guy, Andrew who wakes up very late on a day that has the potential to change his life. That's all I know, the rest is up to the rest of the lovely ladies in this group.
Because my story has a time theme, I used the lovely luscious Timepiece collection from Bo Bunny. Here are some views and details

This is the front cover. It's another of those pictures that won't stand the right way up. I bound it to look like a hardback book and deliberately left it without a title as I want the full imagination of the writers and a title might put ideas into their heads. I added a little pocket watch to tie in with the beginning of my story.

This is the welcome page which hopefully clearly explains what I want.  If not anyone who doesn't get what I'm on about can always give me a holler and I'll try to give a better explanation. The string which holds the trinket came off a parcel I received in the post that day. I buy far too much stash and really need to use up some stuff before I buy anything else, because my craft room is literally stuffed to the hilt.

This is the inside front cover. I used a Martha Stewart edge punch and I distresses and inked the edges of my papers. I'm really into distressing at the moment. I really like the old time feeling it gives to my projects

And above is Chapter 1 which launches the reader into Andrew's very important day and how it all goes awry before he even gets out of bed

This is the LO on the right hand side of my double page which  is all clocks and watches to depict the panic my protagonist has when seeing the time. I thought this little quote was a very apt one for the setting of my story.

Above is my sideways on sign in page. I made little tags in the shape of open books and have asked everyone to sign and date one tag

Not forgetting my acknowledgements. I know the book isn't finished yet, in fact I've just about got it started, but I am so sure everyone will do a brilliant job, so I knew I could thank them in advance. A special thanks also goes to my family for let me get on with my creative madness.

And lastly this is the inside back cover which is the same as the inside front cover. Thanks for popping over and taking a little look

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