Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Orlando here we come

Hi all.
I've really been neglecting my blog lately. Going crazy with wedding preparations and guess what! We're going to Orlando Florida in November. DD was granted a wish with the make a wish foundation and she chose to go to Florida. Imagine a fully paid up family holiday!! The excitement is really building up now. Wedding preps are getting along and now we also have this to look forward to.
I have some more of my crafting to upload. Hopefully I'll do it quicker than I was this time

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Art Journal CJ

So as I was saying earlier, I've been busy with swaps etc. For some crazy reason I've joined a CJ just now at my busiest time, but who ares I need some time for fun as well. My theme is beginnings and the front cover and my LO are below for you to see. Hope you like it, because I do

My cover page as you can see is covered in orange bling and distressed to make it look grungy. I used ribbon and ribbon sliders. The A and J of Art Journal are stamped and the rest done with chalk. The title is done with letters cut out of images and glossy acents on top. The back cover is the same bling, but without the grunge and both inside covers are the same.

My welcome page is done with different pp's and a frame filled with Utee and a Dymo welcome sign. The notes are printed on white vellum with a silver hint.

The next is my DLO. I chose a sunrise theme The left hand side sunrise is done on mulberry paper with shaving foam, reinkers distress inks and acrylics. The right hand side I did by using an early morning sky paper and sunflowers cut out on top of circle vellum. There is also an orange raffia bow on the page. My journalling is written in the petals of the sunflowers and tells of a new day which is a fresh start with new ambitions.

And Finally my sign in page. I used a printed paer with lilac angel hair in random places. The envelope is an interesting pink paer which I've had in my stash since the year dot. I decorated the envelope with beads and blooms and there are 10 tickets in the envelope for everyone to write their little thoughts. It's also decorated the words for the journey on the page.

For some reason this page insists on uploading sideways. I don't know why. So just flip it with your eyes and imagine it the right way up. Thanks for looking


Hello again. It's been a while since I blogged. I've been really busy with wedding preps and some swaps I commited to. Here at last is my complete news headlines jigsaw from the lovely ladies at UKS.
I've been busy designing and cutting out bridesmaid dresses for DD3 and DGD. It's going quite well considering I'm not really sure what I'm doing. Will keep you updated on progress et. I've also been busy with a CJ. First posting date is today, so I'd better go and get it off. Will try to post piccies later. I must go and make a card for DGD's birthday which is tomorrow. Auf wiedersehn

Friday, 14 August 2009

8 x 8 jigsaw

Hello again. What with all the excitement of Miriam's engagement, I'm behind on my crafting. I just finished a jigsaw for UKS where thankfully the deadline was extended and you can see it here.The first theme was musicals. I used an image from Mary poppins and the children on the roof. I covered black mulberry paper with white chalk to convey soot, stuck on the image and covered the whole thing in crackle accents on top of which I wrote chim chimerney with liquid pearls. The secon one is mythical creatures. I alcohol inked some glossy card, added a photo of a dragon which I embellished with stickles and then painted a fire with acrylics. News headlines was my theme. I took a piece of newspaper and aged it with distress inks. I then wrote my date of birth an the slogan I was born with sticker alphas. Butterflies was the next theme. I covered the piece with bright mulberry paper and then coloured in some vellum butterflies and also used a wire butterfly which i stuck on just in the centre to give an illusion of flight. I also made it glittery with stickles. Theme number 5 is vintage love and I really enjoyed this one, I took some aged pink CS and inked some lace on top of which I put a sepia love picture. and some heart shaped brads. The line of christmas stockings is pretty obviously a christmas theme. I embellishe some diecut stockings with eyelets stickles and sequins and attached them with wire to the piece which I covered with flock paper. Theme number 7 is fairies. Floral paper adorned with sparkly gems and a topper of a fairy holding some berries and leaves. Women's fashion through the ages was a really hard theme. In the end I plumped for the 60's. A pair of flowery tights, some crackle paint a large sunflower and flower power alphas finally got this piece done. The celtic theme gave me loads of trouble. I tried to do a staine glass windoweffect and wasted a load of UTEE. Then I tried stamping which proved disastrous. In the end I inked the piece with distress ink and embossed a chipboard celtic knot with green and orange UTEE. Some bronze stickles dusted over everything finished it off nicely. Now all I need to do is get a pizza box and sent it off. Then I can sit back and wait for my very own jigsaw to arrive. Good bye for now and see you soon

So everyone, lots has happened since I last came on here. My DD2, Miriam has gotten engaged to Chaim Hartman from Israel, she's going off to visit him there in a couple of weeks and is over the moon. Some of you may know that she had ovarian cancer 2 years ago so this is an extra special celebration. Here is a photo of the happy twosome. The wedding is in just 18 weeks, so of course I'm panicking appropriately. So much to do and so little time in which to do it. It's going to be great though, everyone is just so happy and after a long period of mishaps this was just what we needed.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Finally uploaded something

Hi all

I've more or less gotten over the swine flu, which somehow found me. I was really ill with it and the tamiflu didn't help at all. It just gave me a horrible headache.

Anyway I've done a LO of my DGD in the park. It's the first one of done for ages. I've been busy doing swaps for UKS and generally mooching around. So here it is:

Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Blog

So, I've created a blog! Now all I need to do is actually do some blogging. I'm rubbish with all this technology thing so we'll see how it goes. I'll try and upload some pictures of my latest craftin escapades soon and see what my success rate is. TFL