Sunday, 25 December 2011

It's in the Box

Hello fellow bloggers. We had our family Chanukah party tonight and the kids and grandkids excelled themselves in the mess making department. I've just finished cleaning up and have finally sat down with the last of the wine.
All the presents were much appreciated except the one we got for DS3. Nothing's ever good for him. There's always something wrong with what we get him. Still he's the youngest so he's a right brat and there's plenty of the green eyed monster in him where the grandchildren are concerned.

Anyway back to the presents. I couldn't find the perfect wrapping for the ponchos I knitted so in true crazy fashion I made the box and wribbon myself. There's a little tutorial on how I made the ribbon and flower for the box and you can see it below.

1.  Firstly, I took a wider ribbon and a slightly narrower one in my chosen colours.
 2. Adhere the narrower ribbon onto the wider one using your preferred adhesive. I used regular flue stick.
 3. Cut 6 lengths of ribbon, 2 each of 3 different lengths. Mine are 9 inches, 7 inches and 5 inches.
 4. Fashion your lengths of ribbon into loops with your adhesive.
 5. Take the 2 largest loops and and cross one over the other in a plus sign. Adhere at the centre. It's a good to add a dot of glue to the inside centre of your loops to hold them together like a bow iykwim.
 6. Take your next size of loops and cross them over in a plus sign again in between the first crossover of ribbon. Adhere at the centre.
 7. Take one of your smallest loops and lay it directly over the first loop of ribbon. Adhere at the centre.
 8. Cut a small piece of leftover ribbon, about 2 1/2 inches.
9. Tie it round your last loop to form a bow.
 10. Finally cross your bow over your first small loop and adhere at the centre. Your flower is now finished
 This is the box I made. I used a large piece of cardboard which I stamped with My Mind's Eye Lost and Found stamp.
 I used my ribbon to tie the parcel..........
..... and laid my flower on top
 I fashioned a little tag with distress ink and another stamp
And the present is already to hand over. My DD loved the ponchos, and Tzivi paraded around in hers all evening. They look adorable in them and I can't wait to take lots of lovely pics to scrap.

DD2 was born on Chanukah so we had a birthday to celebrate too. She's a crafter too so I bought her crafty stuff both for her birthday and for Chanukah. he was suitably chuffed and also loved her birthday card

I used pink cardstock which I inked, and some acetate which I alcohol inked and inserted into the aperture which I cut out. I stamped the flowers and finished them with liquid pearls. The sentiment are My Little Shoebox mini alphas. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon

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