Sunday, 6 November 2011

A New Mini

Hi all
Today I have a mini to show you which I made of a recent trip to Israel. This is my first ever video blog so please be patient  and try not to laugh too hard. I have also uploaded pictures so you can see the pages more clearly in case the video is a complete failure.
With this album, I challenged  myself to use only old stash and I pretty much succeeded. All the pp's and embellishments have been lurking in my craft room for ages, begging for some attention. I can't tell you manufacturers as I really don't remember anymore where the stuff comes from. It's all from my early days of scrapping when I just bought random stuff. So here goes, and enjoy. Thanks for coming over

 Front cover. Cut out of chipboard in a star of David shape. Painted with acrylic pait dabbers and some glimmer mist to finish
 Map of Israel and my boarding passes in a little pocket
 Accomadotion for the duration of my stay
 Jerusalem icluding the Old City
 All the money I spent phoning home
 I scream you scream
 Have bus will travel
 Holy graves to pray at
 Yum Yum, fancy food
 The Souk
 A renovated synagogue
 The western (or wailing) wall
 The Rabbi's wife and aother holy grave
Time to go home


  1. Gorgeous album - you really made the most of your time there. It's a really "amazing" mini.
    Tip: Get yourself an external webcam

  2. Great album - fantastic idea to make it in a star of David shape!