Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A little break, a baking frenzy and an accident

Hi all of you
Well I had a lovely time away in Bournemouth last week. A group of around 60 mothers with special needs children went to a hotel and we all left the daddies at home to see what it is we do all day. We all had a great time going for walks, chatting and generally letting our hair down. It was brilliant to be able to exchange hints and tips and there were two counsellors on site if anyone wanted to talk. Added to that was the fact that we had luscious meals 3 times a day and no cooking or washing up to do!! And we all enjoyed some lovely aromatherapy massages too. What could be better than that. I've come back well refreshed and can't wait for next year's retreat.

Today I had a baking day. We have a Jewish Holiday coming up next week when it is a custom to eat dairy foods, so I was up to my ears in butter, cheese, cream and loads of other yummy stuff. I made cinnamon buns and croissants and cheesecake and butter cookies and some savoury stuff too. All the stuff that can be frozen has been baked sealed and frozen away from prying little - and not so little - fingers and mouths. So next week all I have to do is the pavlova and some little fresh cream tarts that everyone loves. Hope all that didn't make you too hungry.

My little 2 and a half year old granddaughter had an accident yesterday. The poor thing was jumping on my trampoline and fell awkwardly hurting her leg. DD took her to A and E but Tzivi made such a scene that they were unable to x-ray her leg. The doctor sent them home with instructions that my daughter should watch Tzivi and if she's no better by tomorrow morning they will sedate her and do  the x-ray. Poor Tzivi is still not using her leg and crying constantly so DD is off to have her seen to tomorrow. That's all for today and thanks for stopping by.

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