Monday, 16 July 2012

Picture perfect

Hi everyone. I've been playing with my new camera. Yesterday for a change, the children and grandchildren wer being co operative, so I managed to snap some pretty good shots. I can't wait to print them and scrap some of them.

 These three are, Sarah and Lazer, not fighting for a change. As you can see the weather is really gloomy, but they were in such good moods I couldn't miss the opportunity.

 Here is Sarah with her friend.

Sarah and Lazer are feeling on top of the world

These are a selection of Tzivi, Estie and Miri. I think they're the cutest granddaughters in the world, but of course I'm biased. Tzivi is a right madam and loves posing, but with Esti it's a different story. She doesn't have time to stay still long enough for a decent pose, but like I said they were all really co operative so I did get a couple. Evwn Miri allowed me to put her in a bunch of crazy poses and I got some pretty good shots of all three of them. Thanks for looking and see you again soon.


  1. Gorgeous photos! So precious!

  2. These are beautiful photos.I can see some brilliant layouts coming up!

  3. Wow they reall were cooperative. And not a single funny face from either Sarah or Lazer

  4. So cute, Lovely to have a new camera and lovely to have gorgeous family to photo. Keep enjoying it all.

  5. Very cute shots-plenty of scrappping material there!!