Monday, 23 January 2012

My Little Book of Secrets

Well not my book actually, but the one I made for my swapee over on UK Scrappers. So if your username begins with H and your real one with C, go away unless you don't mind seeing before rceiving.
For this swap we had too make a book wrapped around some matchboxes whose drawers are little secret compartments filled with surprises. Each member chose a theme and it was up to us to make and decorate the book.
My swapee chose words as her theme and I must say it was quite difficult coming up with ideas for the book. I didn't use  the teeny tiny matchboxes, or the big cooks ones, but a size somewhere in between so my book is 7 x 7 inches.
Below are the pictures of the book, and how I made it up. Thanks for looking

 this is the front cover. I distress inked some craft CS and then painted the grungeboard letters for the title for a grungy look. I bound the edges of both the back and front covers with som Tim Holtz tissue tape, and the flower in the top corner is one I made with a spellbinders sunflower die and some orange CS which I also distress inked.
 I used word associated papers for the whole book. This is some lined notebook paper. The random alphas are done withfoam shapes dipped into acrylic paint, cut out and adhered with foam squares.
 Here I used some inspirational words to kick off some writers cramp. I stuck the mini alphas onto strips of paper and stuck them to the page.
 On this page there are 8 little dustbin shapes, courtesy of google images, and in each one a strip of paper sticking out with different versions of the word RUBBISH on the. There's gobbledegook and codswallop and more in that vein.
 This double page has the pictorial alphabet spread across it. It's from one of the Tim Holtz collection.
 A newlywed once called her mother in tears that her brand new husband had been saying 4 letter words to her. When the shocked Mum asked what he had said, she replied ''You know, words like COOK, IRON and WASH''. I love this little snippet and felt it belonged in a book of words.
I used this crossword puzzle paper to make a little puzzle of my own. These scrabble tiles came in very useful here.
I decorated this page with the Phonetic Alphabet. I have had these Making Memories alphas since I started scrapbooking and they came in very handy now.
 The envelope on this page contains words which have long gone out of fashion, but in my opinion never should have. Who remembers saying 'smashing' or 'stupendous' and flibbertigibbit is just the most delectabele word and should never have left our vocabulary
 And lastly the back page features a little pocket with a little note to my swapee on a tag inside the pocket
In this picture you can see the little secret compartments pulled open. Although you can't see them each drawer has a brad attatched for ease of opening
As ever thank you for popping by to my rambles and thanks for looking.


  1. Wow!What a great book of secrets.I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled.

  2. This is a fab book of secrets, I'm sure they'll love it.
    C xx

  3. Oh my -that is so clever!!
    You won the giveaway on my blog, so if you email me your address I'll get the parcel out to you.

  4. So clever and creative, I'm sure your recipient will love it :-) And I've nominated you for an award on my blog -