Sunday, 2 October 2011


We finally got our Bar Mitzvah pictures, so here's a little show of my lovely family

 The Bar mitzvah boy
 Father and son gazing at each other on this special day
 The family
 With Mum and Dad
 The beautifully laid table
 The adorable Granddaughters
 All the family
Yossi making his speech

As you can see I am hiding my hand behind my back so no one should see my cast. It wa a beautiful occasion and my heartfelt thanks to my husband and children who helped it all happen. It coulld not have been done without them.
Now all of you think of me tomorrow when I have an appointment to see if my cast can finally come off. So I can soon get back to crafting and sewing and showing off some of my projects which are twirling arond in my head. Isn't it funny that when you can't craft your mojo comes hitting youu in the face with a gazzilion ideas. I just hope I'll remember them all.
Thanks for stopping by even though it's just pictures


  1. What great photos!! Hope everything goes well with the cast coming off! Happy New Year!!

  2. Lovely photos! You're going to have so much fun scrapping these! xx