Thursday, 13 September 2012


I have a new occupation. My daughter and I are not willing to pay ridiculous prices for hair accessories, but both we and our daughters want the latest trends and fahions. So my genius of a daughter came up with the idea that her extremely talented mum can make them herself at a fraction of the cost. And of course if said mum - that's yours truly- buys all the bits and pieces needed it won't cost the family clever clogs anything. Always willing to have a go at new stuff, I said why not, and these are what I came up with.

 A mixture of  baby hair bands and hair clips for little -and not so little - madams
 This one is a hair clip for DGDs 1 and 2. Of course when Mummy makes the accessories they can match perfectly to the clothes. I put the turquoise and black ribbons together and treated them as one when making this bow.
 This hairband belongs to DGD3. You can buy every colour of elastic imaginable on Ebay. The bows on this are bought, and my bling box came in very useful as well

 Another one for little madam number 3. This is a simple double looped bow and some more gems
 And yet another baby one. Here I made two loops one slightly smaller than the other. I laid little over large and finished with a little sparkle flower and - you got it - bling!

 The two you see here are for not so little madam, my precious daughter Sarah. These are actually made from the same fabric a the outfits that I sewed. Maybe I'll get round to putting up some pics tomorrow. The one below is actually navy blue and mint green but the lighting was awful when I took the photo.

 And here is my beautiful granddaughter making a lovely model. Isn't she a cutie? So I've decided as I'm so good at this, maybe I can sell them and actually make some money from at least one of my hobbies. I've even thought of a name for my buisness. BAND-IT, the title of my post today. So all I need to do now is actually put my money where my mouth is, literally
Thanks for popping along today and as always I do appreciate all your lovely comments


  1. They are fab, well done you :D Good luck with your new venture.
    C xx

  2. Love them especially the b&w houndstooth one.
    Sue x

  3. What a great idea!They're gorgeous and I'm sure people will be racing to buy them.

  4. Adorable hair bands!! (sweet babie pic's too!) xo

  5. These are so cute-but not half as cute as your grand daughter! She's gorgeous!!
    My niece has a little business selling similar items-Hers is called 'Little Bow Peeps'
    She makes a lot in colours to match the local school uniforms.

  6. Gorgeous hair bands. Miri looks super cute